Here at Lily Reid, we mix equal parts compassion for animals and the environment, and then fold in our obsession with foods that compliment a healthy, happy lifestyle. Growing up on a farm, we learned how to love and care for animals, and our work in animal shelters and for animal-rescue groups only made our admiration and respect for the furry, feathered, and finned ones grow even fonder.

One of our top missions at Lily Reid is educating others on the Yum-Factor™ of vegan recipes, when so many people believe that just because something is vegan, it’s going to taste like a handful of soil! Our treats taste just like the traditional baked goods everyone loves, only they’re free of animal bi-products –and what’s even better is that they’re loaded with nutrients! But it’s having others taste our products that really drives our point across. We guarantee that you’ll be blown away by what’s NOT in our baked goods! People are learning each and every day that they don’t have to harm themselves or the environment to eat well, and it’s our mission at Lily Reid to promote that truth.